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Wish Josh

June 16th, 2006

Wish Josh
Spore the game to be released in 2007.
3.5″ Drivebay expander with fans and lights – two please
8-port SATA controller
– A mountain bike with a cushy seat, and good gearing (more speed) for a
198cm, 135kg guy.
– An old Grundig 614 cassette player (from the 1960s and 1970s). eBay may be best.
Amazon Wishlist.
Make sure to sort by priority

Amazon UK
which has some cool stuff not in the US.

Think Geek Wishlist

– Two matching 2g PC3200 DDR DIMMS, Micron brand, CAS2, or comparable.
– Pants are 47×35.
– Shirts are 2XT (1X in girth, 2X+ in height.) 18″ neck and hrm… 38″ sleeves.
– Anything from Epilog Laser or
Roland DGA

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