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August 24th, 2005
  • “outer lining” = outline 6/06
  • “cafeterial” = cafeteria 6/06
  • “diangular” = diagonal 3/06
  • “homey switch” = homing switch 10/05
  • “saus-dog” = polish sausage 08/05
  • “squirrel down” = scroll down  (in regard to a window on the computer) 03/05
  • “fableous” = fabulous (i.e. – “Mommy, will you read this fableous book to me?”) 10/04
  • “inside outside” = inside out (i.e. – “Help, mommy! My shirt is inside outside!”) 09/04
  • TV screen = TV “scream”  (i.e. – “Can I go into the TV scream and play?”) 09/04
  • Day care = “day character”  (i.e. – “That day character has a big playground!”) 09/04
  • “I am dreaming I am an actornaut, hmm, no, asternaut. No, maybe a robot.”  8/04
  • While making art with paper and glitter glue, Max deemed his work to be “Pretty Snazzy!”  8/04
  • Indult = adult (i.e.: “I’m drinking out of a big cup like an indult”);  Insperience = experience (i.e. What an insperience!”)  8/04
  • “Aw shucks.”  [a few seconds pass]  “That means I’m sorry in Spanish.”  8/04
  • While pretending to be a pirate, Max hollered, “AHOY, MEATIES!”  8/04
  • Max asked for “more peach toddler” (peach cobbler) 8/04
  • Every story Max tells begins with, “Once putoma-time…” and usually involves at least one train, rocket ship, or submarine. 7/04
  • A cowgirl is what belongs with a daddy cow. 7/04
  • Max, singing: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the drain….  7/04
  • Bowbreaks: “When people sit in a chair and get a remote control and push a button.” “Also when people are in a car and go on a bridge.”  6/04
  • Max says that when he is a daddy, he’ll be able to reach the ‘gas pebble’ and then he’ll be a good driver.  6/04
  • ‘Unfacted’ means means I am interesting. 
  • lasterday = yesterday: “We had raisins for snack lasterday.”
  • whobody = somebody unknown: “Whobody is at the door?”
  • cellaphone = cell phone

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